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What is it that intrigues you most about the characters in the Harry Potter universe? Is it the tantalizing hints about a life beyond Harry’s immediate purview? The questions that go unanswered? The interactions with other characters and the way they respond to a given situation? Or is it the idea of the characters going at it like rabbits on Viagra?

If it’s the latter that interests you, there are ample LJ communities, journals, and sites for you out there. Vanilla Charm is for those people for whom "pushing the boundaries" does not mean "make it as smutty as possible," but rather "given these sets of circumstances in J.K. Rowling’s universe, how would this character behave?"

Our aim is to explore the world and characters J.K. Rowling has created without debasing them or descending into detailed descriptions of sex acts. The intention of Vanilla Charm is to provide a forum and showcase for writers who are weary of their hard work being ignored in favor of the latest smut fetish or boundary-shattering ship. We’re about encouraging, developing, and promoting the kind of ideas and stories you wouldn’t be ashamed to show J.K. Rowling herself.

This isn’t to say we’re priggish prudes. We simply believe that human sexual relations are not exclusively about raunch, but rather about emotional intimacy. We welcome discussion and fics about any heterosexual pairing up to an R rating, within reason, although we confess to having little taste for the Harry/Hermione pairing. And yes, "within reason" is based on our subjective opinion.

However, we do not welcome discussion or fics that indicate more of a desire to shock and titillate rather than to explore J.K. Rowling’s universe as she has set it out for us, or that can be reasonably and respectfully inferred or projected. This includes fics involving slash, incest, non-con, BDSM, necrophelia, bestiality, or adult/child sexual relations.

There are more than enough slash and NC-17 communities out there to satisfy anyone. This community is intended to be a haven from slash and the lewdest of het fics. We’re about characterization; we want to explore personalities, not body parts and want to focus on developing interesting plots, not choreographing graphic sex scenes.

Some of you may find our attitude offensive or puritanical and, while that is your prerogative, it would be unfortunate. We are certainly not advocating the elimination of hardcore smut - het or slash - or the marginalization of those who enjoy writing or reading it. Our goal is simply to provide a place for those in fandom who want something more and different out of their Harry Potter fanfic. A place where people can be square and indulge their love for vanilla guilt-free. A place where teenagers can be teenagers and adults can be adults without having to flaunt their naughty bits across the screen to keep our interest. A place where the bedroom isn’t the centerpiece of the story.

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